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“And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” – Genesis 1:28 (ESV)


There’s so much in the field of theology and related subjects that address God and his creation. Some of them are based on the written word of God, inspiring multitudes and promoting the course of the kingdom. Others are human inferences and philosophies, even though references are made to the scriptures.

The latter undermines the purpose of God and his creation. While this may not be an obvious affront, and in some cases, the intention, (because no man knows it all) they are sometimes implied, and therefore, received subliminally. The aftereffects of every doctrine that is not in conformity with the ones set by God are bad, and without the intervention of God, they linger unchecked.

For example, some of the teachings have encouraged many to relate to God from man’s fallen state. The effect ranges from fear to identity crisis; although born again, victims remain sin-conscious, although sons, they behave like slaves. Such indoctrinations succeed in bringing them to the gates of the promised land, but will never let them in. They suffer inhibitions, and are never free to exercise their liberty in Christ.

To them, the fall of man is perpetual, but the problem with that way of thinking is not only with the negative effects on those immersed in it, but the continued evocation of a distorted image – a wrong image of God is constantly portrayed, presenting him as one that is selfish and lacks emotions, a being that careless about the plights and feelings of his creation. Until you meet with God, you would almost believe from their anecdote, that God is unforgiven. As far as they are concerned, the Lord has not remedied man’s mistake, and the chasm between man and God has remained unbridged; thus, the Lord is inaccessible.

Their consensus for man and the earth is that everything will continue to go down the doldrums. In reading the scriptures, they somehow skip Genesis 1 and 2. In drawing their conclusions, they seem to forget the words of Jesus in John 10:10 “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly.” – (KJV)

God has never failed, not even himself. His desire for man is in Genesis 1:28. Even with the fall, the Lord never reneged. All that we see from Genesis 3 through the last chapter of the old covenant is the Lord’s determination to bring to pass in our lives, what he originally intended, and even much more through Christ.

Jesus is all that matters. In him and through him, the father has fulfilled all that he intended for us. The life we now have is not the one that dwindles. The life of God in us is the blessing, and the blessing of the Lord is to abound, not diminish. There’s no provision in God that allows for the former to be greater than the latter.

Our best days are ahead of us. The bible refers to the grey hair of an old man as his beauty. See Proverbs 20:29. The abounding blessing cannot be stale. It cannot be stagnated nor does it regress. It takes us from one level of glory to the other, and this is by the Spirit of God.

Pastor Chuks Osborn

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